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Terps, Are You Ready to Vote?

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Eligible UMD students registered to vote in 2020
Registered UMD students voted in 2020
Eligible UMD students voted on the 2020 Election Day
Your Country, Your Future, Your Vote.
Voting is important for college students
  • Although most college students are busy with classes or swamped with work, it’s still important to take some time out of your day to make a plan to vote and execute that plan. The elected officials you vote for can make a profound impact on your life for years to come.
  • For example, state governors can make executive decisions for your state, including decisions about COVID-19 lockdowns and mask wearing mandates. In the legislative branch, state legislators help craft and approve state budgets for each physical year, which allocate money to universities, K-12 schools, and public health entities. In the judicial branch, district attorneys are responsible for bringing charges against arrested people and prosecuting criminal cases in court.
To learn more about the positions on your ballot and how they affect your daily…
Get Your Students Ready to Vote! Election Day is 11/8!
Are you a UMD professor or instructor who wants to teach their class about voting and elections?
  • The TerpsVote Coalition has created a course module, which includes an instructor lesson plan and a powerpoint, for teachers to run virtually with their students! The course module includes activities about how to vote, why voting is important, and how college students are impacted by the elected officials on their ballot.
  • The entire lesson plan includes six comprehensive activities and runs for 90 minutes. But, the lesson plan is customizable and you can pick the activities that you think would be the most engaging for your students and condense it into a 20-minute or 30-minute activity. 

Please reach out to for a copy of the powerpoint and the lesson plan, as well as for answers to any questions you and your students have about elections and voting.

Slides for TerpsVote Module

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